Ali wins Gold at Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards

A very stunned Ali Booker wins Gold for Special Programme of the Year for her Cancer audio diaries at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards 2010. Award presented at Sobell House the day before the awards event as Ali was too ill to attend in person.

A stunned Ali wins Gold Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards 2010

Ali being far too modest to post this herself, it falls to her PA (OK, the husband!) to upload this piece of audio of the moment Ali wins Gold for Special Programme of the Year at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards in London yesterday.

Ali was too ill to attend in person, so the devilishly cunning Sue and Ian at JackFM conspired to present the award a day early at Sobell House, videoing a very stunned Ali and keeping it secret from everyone else at Jack so it could be shown at the award event next day. Magic memories! Video to follow…

I’ve listened to it a few times now (OK, I confess… quite a LOT of times!) and apart from the immense sense of pride I feel this morning, I really hope this finally convinces Ali she does have an amazing talent and a very special gift for communicating and sharing her love of radio, music and how she deals with her Cancer on an everyday basis.

I am this morning the proudest husband walking the earth – today and every day in fact, and it is an absolute delight to post this today. Well done Ali!!

The evening was topped off for us with JackFm where Ali works winning Gold for Station Imaging. A great day indeed!

Listen to Absolute Radio’s Christian O’Connell announcing Ali’s win via the audio player below…

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